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The "National Industrial Internet Platform Application Innovation Experience Center" of Jiangsu Chianaref passed the acceptance and was authorized


On December 8, 2021, under the organization of China Electronics Standardization Institute, experts from the refractory industry and industrial Internet industry accepted and awarded the "National Industrial Internet Platform Application Innovation Experience Center" (hereinafter referred to as "Innovation Experience Center") project of Jiangsu Chianaref. This is not only the government, society and the industry's recognition and affirmation of the digital and intelligent upgrading practice of Chianaref, but also a beneficial exploration and attempt to the future development direction and planning of the industry by Chianaref.

The Innovation Experience Center is jointly constructed by Jiangsu Chianaref Refractory Co., Ltd. and China Electronics Standardization Institute. It aims to focus on the transformation needs, implementation paths and service value of the digital transformation of the refractory industry, and combine the forces of industry, academia and research to create a one-stop innovation center.

The innovation experience center is oriented to the refractory industry, with the core function of providing public services to "promote the digital transformation of the industry", focusing on the common technologies such as materials, equipment, manufacturing, and quality applied in the industry, and comprehensively adopting digital twins, industrial Internet, artificial intelligence , edge computing and other cutting-edge technologies of intelligent manufacturing, focusing on the two major themes of digital production and operation and digital collaborative development of the industry, carrying out basic research, technical support, consulting services, talent training, inspection and testing, and building a digital transformation ecosystem.